The Other Side of the Coin

I am a great lover of truth and enjoy exploring new and innovative perspectives and emerging concepts, however, I am hearing the same side of the coin being expressed over and over again these days.

This reoccurring theme comes from many great researchers and whistle-blowers who are doing the thankless, and sometimes life-jeopardizing, job of revealing the truth behind the nefarious agendas of the global-powers-that-be, and without question, how to get free spins in coin master it is one that needs to come out to the mass level of our collective consciousness in order to pave the way for true and lasting change.

Whether it is the US government, corporate greed ruled by secret cabals, religious dogma or even the real ‘back story’ of the Annunaki, and/or Reptilian races that are holding us prisoners on our own planet; it’s the same old story expressed as humanity being the victims in the fear-based control paradigm. And, it always includes within it an underlying message of resistance, which is another form of expression for the dualistic mental brain fighting yet another war that it cannot win.

While I believe it is of tantamount importance to understand our true history so that we can better navigate our way to the future, and not the least of which to wake up to the present, there is the elusive element of something much bigger here that many are missing; and that is seeing this drama we’ve called life on Planet Earth from the other side of the coin.

Permit me some latitude while I pose my own reoccurring theory, and that is this question; what if it really isn’t the human race that is being held captive on our own planet, used as slaves and sacrificed in ritualistic war games, but willing co-creators? I believe that we are as much the teachers in the game, as we are the students, and much less the prisoners most currently perceive.

From the ‘Teacher’s Role’ perspective, I believe that Humanity is actually teaching these ruthless, yet highly evolved beings, some very important lessons of their own…and that is to evolve from their current need to feed off of the energy of our fear, into waking their own hearts to love. And, just what if, from their perspective, and despite their final and desperate attempts to maintain their control over us with their fear-producing tactics, as they watch us wake to our own true divinity, that their own Hearts are also awakened in the process?

From the ‘Student’s Role’ perspective, I believe that we have agreed to play the victim’s role through the most extreme of circumstances in order to wake ourselves from the deep sleep we’ve fallen into, for many millennia. And the game becomes ironically obvious when you start to recognize the clues, as the truth is always hidden in plain sight, you just have to be paying attention in order to see it. I also believe that the rules of the game require the truth to be revealed before we have to make our choice, so we’ve always had the opportunity and advantage on our side, however we’ve continued to play the game and be servants to our masters until the time was right, and that time is now.

What I’m suggesting is that we have willingly engaged in the game of life (as we’ve known it) so that we could wake ourselves up to our even greater selves at this very point in time. If you understand that we are limitless creators, fully aware of the ‘bigger picture’ (when we are not inhabiting a physical body), then we are on a path that we have consciously created in order to elevate and evolve the human species to a higher vibration and frequency of existence.

When you recognize the game for what it truly is, then there is no game to play and the house of cards that has been previously perceived simply collapses on all levels. On an energetic level we are waking up to who we truly are, as divine creators and great beings of light now capable of merging into our multidimensional selves and creating a world that most cannot yet imagine. On a physical level, the fa├žade is falling away at an exponentially increasing pace, as the evil doings of our supposed rulers come to light and has them running for safety to their nests off planet, as well as underground cities in hopes of escaping our revenge, as well as surviving the birth pains of Earth’s emergence into the New World.

Revenge, however would put us back in the victim’s seat and so I hope that is not what most people choose when the rest of the game players are revealed for who and what they truly are. In our evolutionary remembering and reclaiming of who we truly are, we must express not our hate or desire for revenge, but Love and compassion for these beings who have grown so far from love that they can only survive on fear, and in doing so we will fulfill our role in the game playing on Earth. For those who want to continue to play the game of Monopoly, they are free to do so, as life never ends but continues in whatever form and expression as each individual chooses it to be.

As we collectively race towards 2012, many will continue to see life from the victim’s point-of-view, however even more people will be inspired to wake up to the game each and every day. As we approach our alignment with the Galactic Center at the Winter Solstice of 2012 and beyond, many of us will have left the dualistic nightmare paradigm behind us, having chosen Love over Fear, and reclaimed our divine heritage, choosing to move onto bigger and better games. Games where we get to play in an entirely New World, with new rules and no rulers. A New World of limitless creative expression surrounded by peace, harmony and love, and where fear no longer exists in any form.