Yeast Infection Treatments – Progesterone

There is an important factor one should consider when looking at yeast infection treatments.

It is called Progesterone.

A minority of women (perhaps 1 to 2 percent) who either have a genetic predisposition or severe immune system imbalances (e.g., allergic to most foods, mold, chemicals, and numerous other environmental pollutants) can react adversely to natural progesterone. The main reaction appears to be a worsening of a Candida or fungal infection. For the majority of women (98 to 99 percent) at risk for breast cancer, the opposite is true. Progesterone usually prevents or offsets Candida keravita pro or fungal infections.

Studies suggest that many forms of breast cancer are caused by a deficiency of progesterone. Abnormal breast cancer cell proliferation can be inhibited by topical progesterone cream. The following are some of the many benefits of the use of natural yeast infection treatments progesterone cream:

1. Helps use fat for energy
2. Facilitates thyroid hormone action
3. Is a natural antidepressant
4. Is a natural diuretic
5. Normalizes blood sugar levels
6. Restores proper cell oxygen levels
7. Restores libido
8. Normalizes zinc and copper levels
9. Normalizes blood clotting
10. Protects against breast fibrocysts
11. Helps prevent breast cancer
12. Helps prevent endometrial cancer
13. Necessary for survival of embryo
14. Maintains secretory endometrium
15. Stimulates osteoblasts (bone building)
16. Precursor for cortisone production (arthritis)

Progesterone is very well absorbed transdermally (the lower abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, and breasts on a rotational basis), where it is stored in the fatty tissues for use as needed and, unlike progesterone taken orally, it is not subject to being intercepted by the liver. For those women who are especially deficient in progesterone, it may take two to three months to restore optimal levels. No reports exist of any significant side effects, but a few women may experience temporary incidental spotting and/or swelling of the breasts. This stops within one to three months with the normalizing of hormone levels. You can obtain natural progesterone cream in Canada by asking your doctor for a prescription, which can be filled by a compounding pharmacist (one who makes up the cream from the basic raw ingredients).

Before supplementing with any yeast infection treatments hormonal remedies, it’s important to obtain lab testing to verify low hormone levels. If you don’t want to use progesterone there are many other, extremely effective natural yeast infection cures available.