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Seat Ibiza – My Best Small Car

My current primary car is a 53reg Seat Ibiza 1.2S 5dr. It is in yellow and has hubcaps. Inside it has Air conditioning and electric front windows. I have swapped the normal radio head unit for a Sony one that allows me to connect any device via Aux input; it also allows me to connect any phone or music device via Bluetooth so I can use a phone while driving safely. The Sony head unit has an output of 200watts and through the normal speakers provides amazing sound quality and bass putting many boy racers subs and £500+ speaker systems a good run for their money. From the brief description I have given above you can see it is a fairly basic older small car so why am I writing about it for the best small car? Well I have been driving it for 2 years now and I love it. It means more to me than many people do sadly. I have grown attached to it over many long distance drives (I heavily recommend road trips to anyone that doesn’t know his/her car very well.) and know the exactly how to get the best out of the car

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Now onto more of a review that may be slightly biased due to my attachment to the car I own. The engine is the same as in the 1.2 polo but it is tuned up to a higher bhp due to the increased size of the car but it is slightly faster than the equivalent polo. It isn’t a quick car with a 0-60 of 14 seconds officially but I can hit it in around 13 with a hill and tailwind. The suspension is harder than a lot of the cars in its class but I prefer harder suspension set ups as they give less roll in corners and therefore a lower chance of travel sickness it also makes the car feel sportier for the driver. Gear changes are short and easy the best I have experienced in a car so far except for the new fiesta. Power delivery is responsive in all gears but it starts to become lacking in 5th gear. The build quality is not the best in its class due to its age but nothing in the cabin has become loose due to the VW build standards and is on par with polo’s of a similar age. The exterior styling I find beautiful especially in yellow as so many of the seat range does. The newer Ibiza has become more normal looking which is disappointing as I felt it was what set the old Ibiza apart from the pack.

Onto the pricing you can pick up a used 1.2 02reg for £2500 with around 70000 miles. Since I bought mine it has actually gained value due to the great price I got on it two years ago because of the increased demand ad popularity of smaller more efficient cars. Despite its small engine and dated interior I love my Ibiza and it will always be my best small car.


How to Buy the Best SMM Panel For Your Online Business

A Cheap SMM Panel is a necessity for any business that has an online presence. If you own a small business than it’s necessary that it ought to be acknowledged and this exactly what a cheap SMM solution does for you. With the aid of the Cheapest Social Media Marketing Panel you can easily connect your target clients to share, like, and view your company details. With the assistance of a Cheap SMM solution you are able to enhance and improve the marketing of your company. In the present day market, it isn’t very difficult to get hold of an SMM solution.

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As we all know social media marketing is one of the most important ways through which businesses are able to promote their company, services, products and programs. If you are an SMM promoter then you would like to make sure that you are aware of the fact that the best SMM solutions are those that are of low cost and are simple, but effective, meaning that it can get the job done effectively without having to spend a lot of money. One of the best and most popular SMM panels available today is the Cheap SMM Panel which enables your target followers to easily and conveniently connect with you on a regular basis cheapsmmpanel.

To get hold of a cheap SMM solution it’s not that hard. All you need to do is to carry out a good search online for “Social Media Marketing Services”. It’s a guarantee that you would come across a plethora of companies that offer cheap panels and all that you need to do is choose which provider suits your needs best. There are many such digital marketing services providers who have developed their own in-house social media marketing panels in order to provide their clients with a range of features, benefits and added value. The most popular of these companies would be those who have developed a panel that offers everything from group discussion to blogging, RSS feeds, RSS auto-posting, shared web-pages, blog importing and export, photo and video uploads, commenting and RSS feeds, plus a host of other useful features.

A cheap panel is only as good as the company who makes it. In other words, if your cheap panel provider doesn’t have the right features, quality or reliability, then it won’t do you much good, instead of making the whole process easier and more enjoyable, it will actually do the opposite. SMM is an integral part of any successful online marketing campaign, but it’s imperative that you don’t compromise quality in the name of saving money. If you want your cheap panels to work at their maximum capacity, it’s important that you buy from a reputable company offering high quality SMM solutions that not only has the expertise to develop a SMM solution, but also one that has a proven track record of delivering these solutions.

So, when looking to buy your very own cheap SMM panel, there are a few things you should be aware of. First of all, it’s important to choose a panel that offers high bandwidth, to ensure that your online business receives full potential. Buying a cheap panel may seem like the best way to go, but it’s always better to buy a high quality panel, rather than settling for a cheap one that will shut down on you in the first month. Secondly, make sure the panel you choose offers you a lot of the basic functionality you need for your online business – this will ensure that your sales are up to par with those of your competitors. Remember, if you want your online business to be successful, then you need to be a step ahead of them all the time!

Buying your very own SMM panel might sound like it’s a lot of work, but it really isn’t. You can find the best panel for the cheapest price online, and it will give you all the functionality that you need for the price you want to pay. What you do need to remember is to buy from a reputable provider with a proven track record for customer satisfaction. Once you’ve found a panel that fits your needs, then you can sit back and watch your sales grow without any hassle. Good luck!


Guidelines For Teaching English

You can combine a love for the language and travelling by teaching this language in another country. If you have not taught English as a Second Language (ESL), there are some points to keep in mind. Even if you are teaching ESL to U.S. students who don’t speak English, you can use innovative techniques to help them learn faster. Teachers at CP. Squires Elementary in Las Vegas use different techniques to reinforce language skills. Ninety percent of the incoming students don’t speak English. Children memorize the names of the months to the tune of the Macarena. They learn letters with the help of a talking mat. You can even apply these techniques if you are teaching in another country.

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You will need an ESL certificate to get a good teaching job abroad. Here are some guidelines for teaching English-

1. Obtain a good grammar reference, which has been written specifically for ESL students. You can then easily explain the variations in grammar to them.

2. Plan your lessons so that students gradually learn grammar, conversation skills and so on. Doing too much, too fast will put your students off 초등 영어회화.

3. Speak slowly, as you may not realize how fast you talk as a native speaker of English. Use easy words, so that your students can understand what you’re trying to say.

4. You can discuss daily routines with your students, so that they can converse in English. Ask questions about their everyday activities, to demonstrate the use of the interrogative form. Asking questions about their families will help you show the use of the third person singular.

5. To get the attention of your students, start with a warm-up activity. You can play a song in the background, or tell a short story.

6. You can read an extract using the grammatical forms you’re planning to discuss that day. Set an exercise so that you can evaluate whether students have understood what you’ve taught.

7. Divide your students in small groups, so that they can practice their conversation skills. They are likely to be more at ease talking with each other, rather than to you as the teacher.

Teaching English abroad will enrich you with memories. Whichever country you plan to teach in, a specialist job site will have current information on opportunities. is a RSS feed which connects ESL teachers with worldwide related resources and positions in teaching. They search only sites with content specific to teaching positions, so you are sure to find the job you want!