Guidelines For Teaching English

You can combine a love for the language and travelling by teaching this language in another country. If you have not taught English as a Second Language (ESL), there are some points to keep in mind. Even if you are teaching ESL to U.S. students who don’t speak English, you can use innovative techniques to help them learn faster. Teachers at CP. Squires Elementary in Las Vegas use different techniques to reinforce language skills. Ninety percent of the incoming students don’t speak English. Children memorize the names of the months to the tune of the Macarena. They learn letters with the help of a talking mat. You can even apply these techniques if you are teaching in another country.

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You will need an ESL certificate to get a good teaching job abroad. Here are some guidelines for teaching English-

1. Obtain a good grammar reference, which has been written specifically for ESL students. You can then easily explain the variations in grammar to them.

2. Plan your lessons so that students gradually learn grammar, conversation skills and so on. Doing too much, too fast will put your students off 초등 영어회화.

3. Speak slowly, as you may not realize how fast you talk as a native speaker of English. Use easy words, so that your students can understand what you’re trying to say.

4. You can discuss daily routines with your students, so that they can converse in English. Ask questions about their everyday activities, to demonstrate the use of the interrogative form. Asking questions about their families will help you show the use of the third person singular.

5. To get the attention of your students, start with a warm-up activity. You can play a song in the background, or tell a short story.

6. You can read an extract using the grammatical forms you’re planning to discuss that day. Set an exercise so that you can evaluate whether students have understood what you’ve taught.

7. Divide your students in small groups, so that they can practice their conversation skills. They are likely to be more at ease talking with each other, rather than to you as the teacher.

Teaching English abroad will enrich you with memories. Whichever country you plan to teach in, a specialist job site will have current information on opportunities.

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