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Seat Ibiza – My Best Small Car

My current primary car is a 53reg Seat Ibiza 1.2S 5dr. It is in yellow and has hubcaps. Inside it has Air conditioning and electric front windows. I have swapped the normal radio head unit for a Sony one that allows me to connect any device via Aux input; it also allows me to connect any phone or music device via Bluetooth so I can use a phone while driving safely. The Sony head unit has an output of 200watts and through the normal speakers provides amazing sound quality and bass putting many boy racers subs and £500+ speaker systems a good run for their money. From the brief description I have given above you can see it is a fairly basic older small car so why am I writing about it for the best small car? Well I have been driving it for 2 years now and I love it. It means more to me than many people do sadly. I have grown attached to it over many long distance drives (I heavily recommend road trips to anyone that doesn’t know his/her car very well.) and know the exactly how to get the best out of the car

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Now onto more of a review that may be slightly biased due to my attachment to the car I own. The engine is the same as in the 1.2 polo but it is tuned up to a higher bhp due to the increased size of the car but it is slightly faster than the equivalent polo. It isn’t a quick car with a 0-60 of 14 seconds officially but I can hit it in around 13 with a hill and tailwind. The suspension is harder than a lot of the cars in its class but I prefer harder suspension set ups as they give less roll in corners and therefore a lower chance of travel sickness it also makes the car feel sportier for the driver. Gear changes are short and easy the best I have experienced in a car so far except for the new fiesta. Power delivery is responsive in all gears but it starts to become lacking in 5th gear. The build quality is not the best in its class due to its age but nothing in the cabin has become loose due to the VW build standards and is on par with polo’s of a similar age. The exterior styling I find beautiful especially in yellow as so many of the seat range does. The newer Ibiza has become more normal looking which is disappointing as I felt it was what set the old Ibiza apart from the pack.

Onto the pricing you can pick up a used 1.2 02reg for £2500 with around 70000 miles. Since I bought mine it has actually gained value due to the great price I got on it two years ago because of the increased demand ad popularity of smaller more efficient cars. Despite its small engine and dated interior I love my Ibiza and it will always be my best small car.