Blogging For Holistic Wellness Practice

In this series, going to share the four formulae for holistic wellness blog posts so that you can follow along to make engaging, informational content for your own personal wellness and health blog. Then add a few prompts to get you pondering on different topics and possible examples for the right customers. I encourage you to use some of these prompts throughout the rest of your articles and posts to keep people interested in your writing. Below is one such prompt that you might want to use for example.

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Ask yourself this question: What do I love about my health coach? Consider how much you love your physical therapist, and you probably have a blog topic or two that reflects your relationship with this trusted professional. What makes you most happy when you meet with your physical therapist? Is it because he/she gives you guidance and help with your daily activities? If so, consider what advice and suggestions would be most helpful to you as you work with your health coach – either through an individualized wellness coaching session or via a wellness business relationship.

If you feel inspired to write a blog post or ask this question of yourself while you are talking with your health coach, consider these answers: How can I best make my clients feel at ease? How can I show my client that we all have gifts and talents? What would I like to see my clients do to improve their overall health? As you work with your wellness coach, explore topics such as these that touch on ways to help people better manage their bodies, minds, and souls.

Now that you have your ideal client, you need to work with your coach on blog topic ideas that will help you build a business that brings together your wellness practice and your client’s goals. Start with areas that you are familiar with and feel comfortable writing about. You may also want to explore different topics from the perspectives of different cultures and communities. Your ideal client may come from another culture or lifestyle, and you want to include different topics that show your expertise in your wellness business. Also, consider how a blog can benefit your wellness practice in general by providing information, connecting you to the community, and increasing your business Holistic Wellness Blog.

Once you have a few blog ideas for blogs, you need to find a platform that allows you to host your site without being concerned about space constraints, technical difficulties, or payment options. There are several different website platforms available, including blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and email marketing platforms such as Aweber and GetResponse. Your chosen platform should allow you to host Holistic Wellness Blogs in tandem with your other websites. For example, if you have a newsletter and a website, you will want to have a separate website hosted under that domain name, and an email address on that server. This is especially important when you are offering multiple products or services from your online wellness practice.

Finally, make sure your blog posts are interesting and informative. If you provide well-researched information in your blog posts, you will draw in your ideal clients and maintain regular correspondence with them. Blogs can help you reach your ultimate audience, and they can also help you establish a reputation for yourself as an expert in your field. As long as you stay current with trends in the community and learn to navigate the blogging platform with ease, you will establish a place for yourself as an expert in your field and attract many new customers and prospects.