Oyster Extract Overview

Oyster extract is taken from the black and white oysters and used in Chinese medicine. It is thought to work like an anticoagulant and has cancer fighting qualities. However, there are more serious reasons for taking it.

There are some hormones in oysters that affect reproduction. When a woman is fertile, her body is producing the hormones that help to create a healthy baby. Those hormones are then sent to ovaries, where they stimulate ovulation. If they are interrupted or disappear altogether a woman can no longer fertile and can have difficulty getting pregnant.

Oyster extract seems to interfere with this process in some way. It has been found to reduce the levels of the hormones that stimulate ovulation. It may be that since the effect of the hormone is reduced so is the likelihood of pregnancy. That could mean it is just as effective as the hormone replacement therapy that is being taken by many women with cancer. There will probably be fewer side effects with this one.

It is sometimes called “Oysteran” and is derived from the word for shellfish. The scientific name for this substance is “Oysters Aphon” which is the scientific name of the oysters used in this medicine. They grow abundantly in China and Japan and are used in a number of traditional medicine. You may not get access to fresh Oyster in the US, but you may still be able to get it if you order products from other countries. There are also products that are available in capsule form oyster plus.

There are some cancer benefits to Oyster extract. It is possible that it is useful in treating or preventing cancer. However, there is still much to learn about this extract. What is known is that the cancer effects of this compound appear to be different for each individual. In some people it appears to be effective, in others it does not.

One of the things that make Oyster extract valuable is that it contains all of the necessary elements for good health. It contains Vitamin C, selenium, iodine, and riboflavin. Some people prefer to take it with Vitamin A instead of Vitamin C, since the former increases absorption of the Vitamin A. Other benefits of Oyster include improving immune function, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, increasing blood flow, reducing the risk of cancer, and improving circulation.

People are usually cautioned about the side effects of Oyster extract. The only side effects that have been proven are gastrointestinal problems in some people. This occurs when the oyster’s shell secretes mucus which then blocks the digestive tract. It may also lead to gas buildup which leads to heartburn. However, these symptoms usually go away on their own after a few hours.

Research has shown that Oyster extract is safe when taken as directed. Some people have experienced slight stomach upsets, but these should subside within a short period of time. In rare cases, the body may react negatively to Oyster extract, such as an allergic reaction. A severe reaction may be possible, so a warning sign should be given out. Signs of a negative reaction may include nausea, vomiting, swelling of the face or mouth, and diarrhea.

Before taking Oyster, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist. You should also inform yourself of any side effects that may occur from taking it. As with all drugs, there may be some interactions that you need to be aware of. Before putting yourself at any risk, do a thorough check of your medications and always read what your doctor has written down. If you suspect that something is not right, do not take more than recommended, contact your doctor, or get emergency help.

Oyster contains DHA and EPA, which are fatty acids. DHA is essential for cell growth, so it is believed to improve the function of cells. EPA is thought to affect cell membranes, and it is also important for fluid movement in the body. It is also thought to have antioxidant properties. It is used to add taste and flavor to foods.

There are many benefits of Oyster, including its anti-aging effects. Anti-aging effects can be achieved by the stimulation of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the cells that create collagen, so if the production of collagen is stimulated, then the skin will become younger. Oyster is also a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C can help prevent the onset of wrinkles by strengthening collagen in the skin. Oyster extract also contains an acid called lipase.


How To Maximize Your Sex Life With Male Enhancement Supplements

Male enhancement is big business, with some doctors making a good living prescribing it and others dispensing it for patients who want to enlarge their penises. But do male enhancement drugs really work? And are they safe? And, most importantly, are they really worth the money to buy?

In a recently reported case in court in the state of New York, plaintiff Thomas Kluge was suing his doctor for prescribing a dietary supplement that contained two herbs that are commonly included in male enhancement drugs gen x. The pills, the plaintiff claimed, helped to increase his libido. The u.s. attorney for the defendant, however, denied that the pills were used for “sexual purposes.” The trial judge then ruled that the pills did not deserve trademark protection and were therefore allowed to proceed. The court did not rule against the plaintiff.

In other words, the government believes that the Food and Drug Administration overreaches its authority in allowing dietary supplements to be marketed as male enhancement products when the only thing they do is provide a placebo effect, which is not considered a medical condition. The government’s position on this matter has led to many legal battles between physicians and herbal companies. One such court battle involved the maker of a penis enlargement device. His company was barred from making claims about the effects of its penis enlargement device on sexual dysfunction.

The FDA defines male enhancement as “the gradual improvement of a male’s ability to have an erection and maintain it throughout the duration of sexual intercourse.” The primary ingredient in many of these penis enlargement devices, which can be taken orally or sublingually, is called P Extract. The substance has been shown in clinical studies to enhance blood flow to the genital organs. This allows for more blood to reach the penis, resulting in an increase in size.

To get a prescription for vivid, one has to visit a doctor and get a prescription for a medication called viva plus, which is also a dietary supplement. After taking the viavad tablets once a day, most men report seeing an erection of 10 inches or more, with increased sexual desire and stamina. According to the manufacturer, there is no documented proof that taking viavad plus will increase the length of time a man has erections or that he will experience any increase in libido or semen production. The suggested dosage of viavad is one capsule twice a day, but some men do report having results after increasing their dosage to three capsules three times a day.

Some manufacturers of male enhancement supplements rely on natural herbs to help boost the product’s effectiveness. Bioperine and horny goat weed are two common ingredients found in male enhancers that claim to improve erectile function. Both of these ingredients are derived from Asian roots and have been used for hundreds of years by the Asian people. In addition to containing natural compounds, bioperine also helps rid the body of excess hormones that can cause a man to have erectile dysfunction. Horny goat weed is also said to increase blood flow and energy, which can lead to a more intense sexual function and longer periods of time between orgasms. Both of these ingredients are used in many different types of male enhancement products.

Most of these male enhancement supplements come in the form of capsules. Because of the way they are made, they are nearly impossible to ingest through the mouth, which is why they are preferred over other methods of oral consumption. Most men find it much easier to swallow a pill than it is to try to break it down during their normal breathing pattern. Additionally, there are few if any side effects to using pharmaceutical grade penis supplements. However, they are not for everyone, especially those who take medications for erectile dysfunction or other medical conditions.

Male enhancement supplements also come in the form of gels and cream. They both contain the same active ingredients and just in different ways. The cream usually goes on top of the penis after it is swollen. It thickens the shaft to create an erection and increase its hardness. The gels work a little differently. They are rubbed into the penis before sex, which leads to better blood flow and increased energy levels, allowing you to last longer during your sexual encounter.


A Male Enhancement Supplement That Actually Works!

Male enhancement is big money. Men are spending billions of dollars to find a solution to their erectile issues. Some men are even willing to pay for it. But, is a male enhancement pill really the answer that you need?

There’s no pill in the world that will increase your overall penis size, like a magic pill. But, if a pill could increase your maximum erectile size due to sexual enhancement, than natural therapy could help too. If a male enhancement supplement has some positive impact on erectile Dysfunction then it may help your erectile Dysfunction reaches its maximum potential. In this case, it would be worth a try. Here are the best supplements for sexual enhancement tengsu.

Euproctil – This is the only approved male enhancement ingredient that is approved by the FDA. It is taken in orally, with a recommended dose of up to fifty milligrams daily. Euproctil has been shown to have good results at increasing penile girth, while also increasing the thickness of the erections.

Penis lengthening surgery – If you want to have a larger penis length, but are afraid of a possible scar, then you should definitely consider penis lengthening surgery. This procedure involves actually moving the attachment from underneath the penile skin to above the pelvic bone. After surgery, your penis length will most likely increase by one to four inches. Like Viagra, Penile Extender is not an approved prescription medication. So, like Viagra, Penile Extender is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for sexual performance enhancement. But if your doctor gives you a prescription for Penile Extender, make sure that you get the full dosage, and follow the instructions carefully.

The bottom line is, there are a lot of options when it comes to male enhancement. When it comes to lasting effects, traction devices are definitely more effective and faster acting than many other options. If you are worried about a scar, then penis longer exercises are a great option for you. But if your main goal is to increase your sexual performance, you should consider using a penis enlargement product such as FastSize Extender.

So, if you want a larger penis size, and you do not have the time, money, or inclination to undergo a surgery, there are other male enhancement methods available, and they are more discreet, less painful, and often times more effective. Like Viagra, you can buy FastSize Extender, which can give you the results that you want in a matter of weeks, but unlike Viagra, it does not require a prescription. And just like Viagra, you won’t be able to get any adverse side effects from using FastSize Extender. So, that makes it the better choice.


Maintaining Your Serpentine Belt and Tension Pulleys

If you own a vehicle built in the last ten years; chances are it is equipped with serpentine belts. The older vehicles came equipped with V style belts. V-belts were thinner and thicker and depending on the style of V-belt most of them were ribbed on the bottom side.

Belt and Road Initiative - Wikipedia

After time V-belts would stretch and their tension would have to be tightened. Depending on the V-belt location on the front of the motor and what components they were driving; V-belts would have to be adjusted manually in different locations on the engine.

Depending on the number of accessories the vehicle came with determined the number of belts needed to drive the accessories. If the vehicle had power steering and air conditioning then there could be up to four sets of V-belts Belt and Road.

When adjusting the tension of this style of belt; over tightening was common. Not only did it shorten the life of the belt but it added more stress to bushings and bearings inside the accessory components, thus shortening their life.

The advent of the Serpentine belt eliminated the number of belts on the front of the engine and also took the guess work out of the proper tension they need to run efficiently.

Serpentine belts are commonly wider and thinner with thin ribs running along the length of the belt. Most Serpentine belts are longer than the traditional V-belt; allowing this style of belt to drive more accessory components.

This style of belt does not require adjusting the tension due to the fact that there are tension pulley’s located around the front of the engine.

These pulleys have a self contained heavy spring or a rubber bushing that keep constant tension on the belt. In turn less maintenance is required and cost to maintain this concept is less.

Still, there is maintenance that is required. The belt needs to be replaced every so often but not as often as the V-style belt. Tension Pulley’s after time either lose their spring/rubber tension or the bearing that spins the pulley dries up.

In the past I have rescued several people who were broke down along the highway or interstate because the bearing on the tension pulley dried up, got hot and seized up. When this happens it usually shreds the Serpentine belt.

Since this belt drives the water pump, the engine can start to over heat if not shut down right away. It never fails; it’s either hotter than the blazing sun or extremely cold outside when these pulley’s decided to seize up. Either way you will be at the mercy of the outside elements until help arrives.
Here are some tips that will help prevent you from becoming stranded along side of the road due to either a broken Serpentine belt or seized up bearings in one of the tension pulleys.

• A Serpentine belt should last at least 50,000 miles if not more. When inspecting the belt, look at the thin ribs that run along the inside of the belt; if they are cracked it is time to replace the belt. Inspect the edges of the belt, look to see if the edges are frayed or torn. A torn edge will eventually wrap itself around the pulley and can cause major problems. Most vehicles today have two Serpentine belts. The longer belt drives the power steering pump, alternator and water pump. The shorter belt which is usually located toward the bottom of the engine and a little more difficult to see drives the air conditioning compressor. Refer to your owner’s manual to be exactly sure on what configuration you have. There is a tag located on top of the grill inside the hood that shows the specific configuration and belt routing of your vehicle.

• Tension pulleys should last at least 75,000 miles if not more. If the self contained spring/rubber bushing is starting to get weak the pulley assembly will vibrate up and down at an excessive rate at an idle. Or the pulley assembly will not run true creating an abnormal wear pattern on the belt; the pulley assembly will need to be replaced at this time. If the bearings start to get dry inside usually you will hear a chirping sound coming from the engine. This is not always the case. A bearing can seize up without giving any warning signs before hand. To inspect the pulleys make sure the engine is off. Loosen the serpentine belt so there is no tension on the pulley. Manually spin the pulley; listen to the sound of the bearing carefully. The pulley should spin freely without any resistance. There should be no noise coming from the bearing. If the pulley sounds dry or rough then it is time to replace the tension pulley assembly.

It is a good idea to inspect the Serpentine belt during every service interval. All it requires is a visual inspection that involves very little time.

I try to inspect my tension pulleys and idler pulleys every 25,000 miles. Yes I said idler pulleys. Idler pulleys are stationary pulleys. They too have bearings inside of them that need to be inspected.

Again, refer to your owner’s manual for the proper service interval. If you have your vehicle serviced at a local shop then it is a good idea to remind the service technician to inspect the pulleys.

For you do-it-yourselfers, Serpentine belts and tension pulleys are simple to replace. That tag located under the hood shows the proper routing for your Serpentine belts. The tension pulleys consist of two or more bolts that require removal. Usually it takes either a 15mm or 13mm wrench or socket to remove the bolts. Idler pulleys just have one bolt that needs to be removed. Be sure the belt is off before replacing the tension/idler pulleys.

I cannot express this enough but if you have any questions regarding your belts or pulleys; refer to your owners manual or contact your local shop to answer any of your questions. If all fails then ask me and I will direct you in the right direction.