Great Romantic Birthday Gifts – Pick the Right Gift

It’s that time of year again: your sweetie’s birthday and you’re not sure what to get them. Same old tie? Same old sweater? Perfume? Just doesn’t cut it anymore, does it? Why not do something romantic, something special that they will never forget. A gift that will earn you brownie points for years to come.

Great romantic birthday gifts can be purchased or hand made. They can be found by surfing the web or by using your imagination. The best place to start is by recognizing what your partner likes.

Anything purchased can be presented in a romantic way by stepping up the presentation of the gift box. Lots of bows and flair on a neatly wrapped box with flawless gold or silver wrap is an excellent start. Eyes will light up when this gift box is received anthropologie birthday coupon.

But what are the best birthday gifts to put inside this lovely box?

-Jewelry – it’s true, it is a girl’s best friend
-Plane tickets – to paradise
-A homemade CD of your partner’s favorite songs
-A first edition of a beloved book from their childhood

If you’d rather really go all out and involve your partner in the present itself, there are other gifts to give beside a pleasantly wrapped box.

Coupon books filled with redeemable coupons make great romantic birthday gifts. Give it to them one week before the big day arrives. Each day leading up to their birthday might have coupons for one drawn candlelit bath; a massage; renting a movie of their choice; breakfast in bed; champagne under the stars; a midnight dip in the pool; a serenade.

Nothing is more romantic than attention. Hiding love notes around the house, leaving them romantic voice mails and sending sweet texts are all ways to ingratiate yourself into the heart of your loved one. And of course, nothing is more romantic than preparing an evening for just the two of you. Partly out on the town perhaps at a romantic French or Italian restaurant, then to take in a movie or a play, and make sure to always top off a romantic evening with something special the two of you can do under the stars (if weather permits). Dancing, dining, sharing a glass (or two) of champagne, listening to music, renting or borrowing a telescope to get up close and personal with the stars.

Great romantic birthday gifts can and should be an all day affair. Start your partner off with breakfast in bed. Present their favorite breakfast (pancakes; Belgian waffles; an omelet) with fresh cut fruit, bacon or sausage, and of course, a single rose (in their favorite color) in a bud vase.

Drive them to their favorite places in town, or take a Sunday drive (even if it’s not Sunday) to do some antiquing, visit a casino, visit a winery, walk on the beach. Make sure to take your camera, as you’ll want to retain as many memories as possible of this day!