Jack Mason Inc – A Look At Their Profile And Products

Jack Mason Inc. is a direct sales company that advertises itself to home based business owners. It has been around since 1998 and advertises itself as a “one stop” resource for the home based business owner. They provide training, support, products and services that are geared to increase your income and make you more money. We want to take a closer look at this company to see if it is right for you.

The company website does not provide much information. They do have a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section but other than that there is very little information on the product or the marketing plan. They claim to be an easy going group of people that will listen to your problems and help you find answers. But I could see where some of the advice on their Frequently Asked Questions page falls short. I suppose this would be expected since they are a network marketing company Jack Mason Inc profile.

The Jack Mason Inc. direct sales home based business opportunity is marketed on the national network marketing scene. It also appears to be marketed online. There is no evidence that they even have a physical office and they claim to be based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I found out later that they do have a P.O Box in St. Louis, Missouri however.

The fact is Jack Mason Inc. is on the verge of taking down their major marketer, John Di Lemme. Di Lemme is the founder of the restaurant empire and the author of the book Eat Pray Love. Jacksons use a product called Jacksons BAM!Matic. This is a very successful product that Di Lemme bases his diet and fitness plan around. He has also used this same system to create several other similar programs such as Jacksons Potluck, Jacksons Noodle Club and Jacksons Potions.

The Jack Mason Inc. direct sales business opportunity is offered in two different packages. The Standard and the Deluxe package provide you with training, marketing materials, a nationwide network of contacts, and nationwide market placement for your products. These are the highest quality products available in this industry and should be the focus of your business if you want to generate the most profits.

Now that we have reviewed Jack Mason Inc, we wish you the best of luck in your direct sales business. We hope that you can sell more of these Jacksons products and help others sell more of the great products that this company offers. Thank you!