Jack Mason’s Remarkable Success Rate

Jack Mason is one of the names on the rise in Golf. A new breed of Golf professionals have been emerging in recent years and Jack Mason has carved his own niche in the field. Jack Mason’s considerable success is attributed to a combination of two factors. Firstly, it is believed that Jack Mason is a better player than his era and has hit a lot of great golf shots during his time. His ability to think on his feet has helped him excel and make his success possible.

Jack Mason first came to the attention of the public when he won the very first US Open in a tournament that was held at St. Negret’s Country Club in Palm Springs, California. Although it was a relatively new event, it attracted a lot of media attention since Jack Mason had never before been to win the major event. Jack Mason’s subsequent tournaments in the US including the PGA Tour’s Buick Invitational and the Bridgestone Invitational allowed him to make his presence felt in the world of professional golf. Whilst his career to this point has seen Jack Mason wins no less than six times in the world tour’s main events, it was not until the Invitational at PGA Westwood that Jack Mason’s game really began to attract serious consideration from the public Jack Mason’s considerable success.

Jack Mason’s golf swing is characterised by an underhanded shot that is designed to lift the ball off the ground for maximum distance and accuracy. Although it is not a shot designed to fade the ball, it will do just that. On a typical Jack Mason swing, the club is pushed to the right with the left wrist bent. As the club continues along it’s path, the hands are kept almost flat on the club throughout the stroke. Jack Mason is a student of statistics and has a statistical analysis of all the different elements that go into a successful golf swing.

Jack Mason’s playing prowess was epitomised at the Buick Invitational held at San Diego, California. It was the first tournament of the year and as the field was made up of the world’s best players, it was expected that Jack Mason would make an impact and show what he could do. After hitting two straight shots on the first tee, Jack Mason was out of the competition. However, it would be his hard work on the course that would earn him the Buick Invitational trophy.

There have been many other successes and disappointments on the PGA tour, but none have been as momentous as Jack Mason’s retirement from the world of golf. Mason’s decision to hang up the golf shirt meant that there would be no more long shots on the PGA circuit. However, the lack of a PGA tour schedule enticed several different personalities to take on the mantle of golfing legend. Jack Mason’s case was particularly interesting as he was being groomed as a replacement for longtime great Jack Nicklaus. Despite Jack Mason’s impressive achievements on the PGA tour, his short lived failures made the Scottsdale, Arizona native the underdog when it came to competing against the other top professionals.

Jack Mason’s lack of PGA membership did not prevent him from winning a record four times on the LPGA tours. He earned five major championships and added two more minor series wins to his name. He has consistently finished in the lead for the most major championships in history and is just the second player in the history of the game to capture the Masters title five times. With Jack Mason’s retirement, his place in the hallowed halls of the PGA golf club has only increased.