What Are Caribou?

The Caribou is a beautiful and elusive animal. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful deer in the forest; however, it is very elusive and only found in some parts of North America. They are closely related to the arctic foxes and brown bears. The Caribou is a large species, which is about two feet high at shoulders and weighs about 200 pounds. They have short, double hooked ears, large pointed tines, a thick fur coat, a thick trunk, and a thick flighted tail. The legs are short, having only three toes per pair, while the claws are long, tapering away toward the end.

DescriptionThe reindeer, or caribou, is a large species of white-toothed deer with arctic distribution, sub-arctic, tundra and southern cold ranges of north America. This includes both migratory and sedentary populations. The winter snow geese, or Canada geese, are only found in the southern states.

DietThe Caribou feeds on a variety of vegetation such as lichen, moss, tree leaves, seeds, nuts, and even acorns. Although they prey on a variety of animals, they are particularly fond of smaller herbivores such as the arctosanthe, or American elk, the winter owl, the fisher, the sagebrush clover, the black bear, the wapiti, the coyote, the minnow, and the fisher sable. They also eat omnivore berries but prefer sunflower seeds, suet, carrots, corn, peanuts, walnuts, and other foods rich in fat.

Attacks Horses, Camels, Raccoons, Bulls, Deer, People, and Ostrich Individuals are rarely injured by the Caribou. Their greatest risk comes from trying to trap them or attacking horses and bison that are accidentally caught. There have been only a few documented cases where a Caribou has been seriously injured due to an attack.

Life Expectancy Caribou lives for around twelve to fifteen years. They have good endurance and agility and can run for miles with little effort. Their bodies are covered with thick fur, which serves to protect them from the cold. Due to their short tail and high center of gravity, they spend much of their time in a tree stand or undergrowth. While their dense fur keeps most cold weather out, it also traps heat and sun rays. Due to their slow movements and great sense of balance, they don’t always get to eat a full meal from their prey.

Attacks and Where Caribou Live Caribou is often hunted for sport in southern parts of North America. The most popular hunting season is between mid-September through early May with an increased chance of kills during this time. Deer and elk are the primary target, but other smaller animals such as the muskrat and mule deer are also killed. The increase in elk population in recent years has led to more Caribou activity. This means an increase in the chances of being attacked by these larger animals.