Build Traffic With Video Marketing

If you are great at creating videos and combining music, then video marketing is probably the best thing for you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, and your video is about a thousand picture frames, then a video is worth 1,000,000 words. In that perspective, video marketing is a lot better than article marketing, but only if you are good at it! Videos can be posted for free at YouTube , so that is where you should post them. YouTube is much easier to use if your video is in mp4 format, so I will explain how to convert your videos into that format. Creating and posting videosfirst thing’s first, sign up for YouTube. This is free and can easily be done by going to YouTube and clicking register. Enter in some basic information, like your email. You will probably get a verification link, so use a valid email.

Second, you need to make your video. My best recommendation is to use windows movie maker youtube video mp4 downloader. If you are a mac user, you can use episode pro. First, i like to use titles to express the best my website has to offer. Then, i use pictures from my website to show them what i am talking about. To take a screenshot of your website, get to the perfect view, and hold alt+print screen(the key might also look like prtsc sysrq), then go to paint or any place where you can paste a picture. Now, press control+v to paste your picture. Use simple tools to crop the picture according to your liking. Save the picture. Take about 10 screenshots of your website. At the end, use credits to re-list all the features of the website, and add link to it at the end. Also, add a link to your description of the video so they can easily copy and paste it or click on it. Add some music to your video if you think it will help. Finish your movie by using publish movie.

Last, post your video online. This will be much simpler if you get your video converted into mp4. To do this, you can download the free version of prism video converter, or do it online for free at zamzar. Once converted, log into your YouTube account and select “add video,” start uploading the video you created. Now you can add a title and description. Make your title a phrase that describes your video and uses keywords. For your description, add a link to your website and write some information about it. Wait for your video to finish uploading, and then your done! It can take a few hours for your video to be live. Remember to make more videos and post them, the more the better.