Memory Work and the Gut Symmetry of Writing

Words can be sensual, the theory and text seductive, luminous, healing, filled with tired misapprehension. It might even manifest great ideas or small. For the poet in transit the work that lies ahead of him is filled with trials, turmoil, writer’s block, creative expression and artistic license. He must face up to that which he fears the most.

It is here that mysticism and the brimming jubilance of love can be found; all at once familiar, coursing like metallic blood through veins. A poet’s words can cauterise the page, bestow blessings upon a mind seeking an unholy demise, thinking of suicide, or a child longing for a maternal embrace; a normal life.

A poet’s words leave spaces, gaps in between the black and white, the neutral for interpretation, poignant messaging, invisible ink texts through the blank page, clamours with a drumming and a rhythm all of its own beating.

Words must be won in the cornerstone of the lingering subconscious of the mind.

They are entwined continuously, hinged with subtle, racing edges of sadness, give rise to a sudden outpouring of manic panic, pitch lucidly, offer temporary respite from a cruel, unforgiving world, a planet that is shared by millions side-tracked consciously by the human condition.

Poets are reclusive by nature, give in intentionally to the volcano of ideas that storm ahead inside their brains, retreat, surrender, let go of the perfect bubble that is formed when nadir, nirvana is found. When there is too much going on it feeds the poet; it is his fuel in the beyond and the oblivion that rests here on the computer screen or the white page.

As children, poets delve into the cocoon of libraries. Here books tolerate them like no adult or authority figure ever will. There sometimes grubby fingertips can graze pages and can find echoes of family holidays, flourishing loveliness, can find gifts. Here, it’s better than Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor.

Words in poetry are often like that of any family in the human condition. Their day to day livelihood has a glowing impermanence where doll parts shine through, they struggle to survive like the width of threads, breadcrumbs offered up on a silver platter, a camp made by children in the living room from bed sheets, pillows and sleeping bags.

Rivers can also run through words.

A wife and mother seeks escapism (doesn’t a poet’s heart and head sometimes long for that), a novel design for her life, think her life dull, unsophisticated, her husband a boorish boor who drinks too much on the weekends, her children spoilt brats. During the day she keeps house, scrubs floors, prepares meals for her family (she thinks that she is taken for granted and unappreciated) and what does the poet do?

Exactly that; he peels every layer of his consciousness away in excitement and with enthusiasm, finds the purity of the mysticism that he holds within himself; whatever language he writes in, in this glorified ritual the poet realises this is no thankless task.

Some call it God. Some call it a Supreme Being. Some call it supernatural. There are others that call it a journey of mysticism and love.

This is the lonely path the poet must travel. The destination is always the unknown but it is always the beginning. A beginning filled with purpose and honesty that is there for the The Lost Book of Herbal taking. It is up to the poet to never stop believing in the prowess of writing whether he is a prolific writer or a dilettante.

The effect that language can have can be both permanent and magical. As numbing and ingratiating to the mind’s eye and the powerful screen and enigma of the intellect, psyche and brain when hitting your head against brick or a stone wall there is left inspiration when reason is in doubt of the capabilities of the poet. When the poet protests sufficiently that the work in front of him is not good enough, the soft, prodigious voice that comes to him in the stillness will cease. There is too much pressure now and pressure does not induce language, words, text or inspiration. The poet in transit is somewhat also a lone figure of the imagination. Take the example of Noah’s ark and his quest for example and the animals of both genders that had to be brought upon his boat.

The poet can be a titan if he chooses to be. We as the imbued reader do not have to struggle to understand what the poet is trying to say. It is enough for us to play around with our own ideas and decide for ourselves what artful message the poet is trying to convey with the skill of his words.

What is modern poetry really about besides mysticism and love? We, human beings, all yearn for love and have not yet come to accept the rules of the wild that tell us to be aggressive, arrogant, move from sphere to sphere, realm to realm, workplace to workplace with our inborn fears and abhorrent ego. As we engage, interact, come into contact with other individuals who have the same goals as we have in mind so we realise and begin to live with that entity called love in our lives.

All poets are mystics without even realising it. They might argue that it is not so but there is always something greater at the wheel, something greater at work behind the course of the words on the page, behind the ink of the pen, behind the thoughts of a writer of poetry just killing time in a diary or a journal. It is something holy, elemental and angelic – you see the world through the eyes of an angel – here in your mind’s eye the world has not yet withered away, is not lacking, distressing, denigrated or defiled; it does not come with a reusable filter.

The poet’s commitment to his task at hand, the vivid portions of it is always questioned and its limits, borders and boundaries tested. It is not the wet lips, gaping mouth or the words, the intimate letters that abound in sweet, adventurous leaps that is spiteful, corrupt rather it is the mind behind it; the subconscious that lays the foundations with the basics of figures of speech and language. Sometimes the poem starts in the beginning, sometimes in the middle or sometimes even at the end. The reader must realise, sometimes with a chill down his spine that a poem is not pulled out of the air.

Poets need patience like we need air to breathe, to fill our lungs and space like a constant gardener ceremoniously at work. They need to be nurtured in their career. The war inside their heads is often a war of nerves. The human condition promises one thing, mortality.

Poetry promises immortality.

To succeed, a poet must commit wholeheartedly to the task given to him and be consumed absolutely by it. Perfection cannot wait forever. He must do it unashamedly, with a great humility, an awareness of a peace of mind, emotional maturation and then complete it.

If he is a Christian he must follow the creative pattern given to him by having a Christian heart, if he is a practicing Buddhist by having a Buddhist heart then he must willingly follow his stream of thought, a mystic by having a mystic’s heart, a Brahmin by having a Brahmin’s heart, an Essene by having an Essene’s heart. Every poet believes in something even if it is only the endearing goodness of the human heart.


boxing’s Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather En vivo

The eagerly anticipated fight of Floyd Mayweather androgen Paul Vs Jacobson in the Celebrity Boxing Match was broadcasted last Saturday on Pay-Per-View. People all across the world have been glued to this exciting fight. In the month before, a lot of buzz had already been created surrounding the boxing match. There had been many speculations and leaks about who would be entering the competition and how they would do against each other. People are excited to watch this fight and the anticipation for this fight had been building up since months.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul By February 2021 - Brumpost

There was a lot of hype created about this fight due to the fact that it will be the first boxing encounter between two talented young boxers. However, what people need to understand is that there is no clear winner here. This fight is just a showcase of two good fighters going at it to try and gain an audience and public interest for their fight. Both fighters have been training hard and their physical fitness levels have been proven by their trainers and handlers ver Bryce Hall Vs Austin McBroom en vivo.

These guys are both going to come into this fight with a lot of confidence and a clear mind set to win the fight for themselves and prove that they are the true contenders. It is all a game of skill and it is not really about who is going to get the most entertained. These two are both very well trained and they will both put on a great show for the crowd. The main problem is that it is simply going to be a battle of styles, and when you look closely at the fight you are going to see that there is not much in the way of striking or grappling going on. This is because both men have kept their striking down and instead focus their energies on what boxing can offer them.

They both seem to be able to move around the ring quite quickly, and they are both excellent counter punchers. They both will throw combinations at each other, but ultimately it is going to come down to who is going to be more successful on the inside. That is where the danger comes in for Mayweather. Many times fighters who are considered strikers will lose the fight because they were not able to hurt their opponents or wear them down.

In this fight it will boil down to how many times Paul will be able to withstand the attacks and the constant pounding. He has had trouble in the past getting out of the octagon, and people have even said that he could not even touch his opposition. However, he has been trained very hard and his coach tells everyone that he is going to be able to make this fight go his style. As far as Floyd is concerned, he just needs to win the payday and show that he can beat anyone that is in the ring.

This should be an exciting fight to see. Both men have earned their money through winning and now they want to put on a show for the audience. The problem is that this fight is on May 2nd, and if you have bet on either fighter already, you will need to wait until after the fight to cash out. So for the boxing purist and the money maker there is really nothing for you to be excited about in this fight. For the rest of us it is going to be one of those nights that we look forward to with all our senses up so that we know when we have our popcorn and our soda ready.


Perth – An Unique Knowledge in Western Australia

Perth has a generally speaking hot and dry climate, with summertime being hot and sustained from late December through late March -February is usually the hottest month. Rainfall is average, but primarily seasonal. Perth’s economy, like so a great many other world cities, is increasingly tourism-dependent, with increased than 2 million readers per year. This has resulted in the economy of the Perth area getting increasingly something sector focused one.


Products and Traditional and Lovers Fair

The Products and Traditional Collector’s Fair in Perth, Australia is prepared by the Cherished Craft Creations which provides at the least three hobby shows annually through the months of March, July and November. That Craft and Antiques and Collector’s Fair has become among the celebrity attractions for Everywoman On Display and at the least over 300 exhibitors offer anything between distinctive handcrafted items to high quality antiques while for people that have looking for innovative decorative articles the selection is actually tempting. Guests coming for the mid year fair will relish the free access to all Cherished Craft Creations and can appreciate knowing more in regards to the fair and the key business on the whole and tourists can feel fortunate to be able to hold home gifts from Perth. That fair promotes a major portion of the tourism actions because it attracts not only the locals but also the tourists who only like to enjoy in the getting of local accessories and handcrafted items etc Oliver Wood .

Perth Fashion Event

Perth Fashion Event is the most significant festival that’s used annually through the Spring fashion time in Perth.It’s a ten-day event.This festival offers the small fashion developers with the very best chance to highlight their talent. The Perth Fashion Event exposes the innovative bent of mind of the fashion developers, who make the very best of initiatives to provide their own creations.

WA Wine & Food Event

The WA wine and Food Event which phases a colorful show of the best of the wine in the fair and Western Australia is noted for their famous jubilations of wine, food and amusement a sure phenomena towards Perth’s popularity. Being WA’s many desirable life style event, it provides you with the chance to relax and appreciate your travels and holidays with the inventory of the finest wine and alcohol accessible major you to a grand traveling experience coupled with common local rings and different sources of entertainments also you can only lay straight back and check out the local gourmet of the land. Combined with the countless various kinds of wines that the stores and the fair offers to the tourists and locals as effectively you can also check out the very best of the local gourmet. To obtain a experience of the finest of different cuisines of the land the tourists can experiment with the demonstrative cuisine organized by the most celebrated cooks presenting their skills coupled with the very best wine of the WA’s fest. In another phases you’re able to style and experiment with distinctive qualities of wine, alcohol and coconut oil educative seminars. The 2005 WA Wine & Food Event took place in the Perth Meeting Exhibition Middle, and simultaneously got their document of getting at the least 100,000 readers to the Festival. Perth’s favorite festival the wine fest continues on for nearly the whole of the month of June.

Stewart Park Audio Event

The month of July is the summer season of Stewart Park Audio Fest in PerthC That festival has achieved the top of reputation with more than 30 stay outside concert agreements including the genres of jazz, folk. Tourists and people may also get yourself a firsthand experience of the software this festival makes for music and shows to be organized.


Siena’s of Leederville Restaurant

Siena’s of Leederville Restaurant, Perth, is certainly one of the most used German household eateries because it provides an extremely hot blend of excellent food and friendly surroundings. The key attraction stays the initial playing floor for children. Parents can ignore through the large glass window and also appreciate the foodstuff at a relaxing pace.It is a perfect mixture of good value for money, generous helpings, and tasty food. The selection is large as well as different and if you are trying to find soups, pastas, meat meals or pizzas Sienna, of Leederville Restaurant, Perth has it all.

Seizan Japanese Restaurant

Seizan Japanese Restaurant is a superb place for real Japanese cuisine in Perth, and their friendly aspect perfectly matches the balanced life style it seeks to promote.It’s on 566 Hay Street.Start for lunch from Monday-Friday. Lunch is served from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.Open all seven nights. Dinner is from 5:30 pm to 10 pm. An all-Japanese staff of cooks makes equally modern and traditional Japanese dishes.Enjoy their niche Teppan-Yaki

Dreamland Karaoke Restaurant Chinese

The Dreamland Karaoke Restaurant Chinese, Perth has provided the town a fresh start, a fresh time in the area of Karaoke entertainment. This has evolved now to be certainly one of the most used global settings where in actuality the lighting is amazing, the design spectacular, the foodstuff that gives a poke to your preferences and a digital process that will probably collection you rolling. The staff of Dreamland Karaoke Restaurant Chinese, Perth is completely qualified and friendly. They’ll introduce you to the selection and you may also appreciate among the products that assurance to be refreshing. The staff of Dreamland Karaoke Restaurant Chinese, Perth is completely qualified and friendly. They’ll introduce you to the selection and you may also appreciate among the products that assurance to be refreshing. The Dreamland Karaoke Restaurant Chinese, Perth is totally licensed and features a major room for several forms of functions. That room can hold about 80 people. Besides these there are the personal lounges as effectively for those who must have some privacy. If you are having little parties, class operates or household gatherings the Dreamland Karaoke Restaurant Chinese, Perth is the best suited for all.

Sebastian’s Restaurant

Sebastian’s Restaurant, Perth is the best place to enjoy the original German food that to in a cafe like environment. You’ll certainly such as the calm environment and the tasty food that’s served here. The niche is the timber fired pizza which would give you asking for more. There’s a different smoking area.

Orange Goose Cafe

With a magnificent view and lip striking food, the Orange Goose Cafe will steal your heart. Their modern Australian cuisine, focusing around seafood, stresses on fresh and simple dining. That cafe shows a clean blend of Mediterranean and Center East elements with the contemporary Australian trend dominating the scene. With friendly service and calm environment, this cafe has turned into a positive location for several needing an ideal meal. The cafe caters for sit down meals and cocktail parties, with regards to the occasion. In addition they provide a wide selection of drinks, liquids and wines to perform the initial food experience. The Orange Goose Cafe is positioned on the Underwater Parade in North Cottesloe, only 20 moments from Perth city.


Dog Behavior Series 11 – What Is the Best Dog Food?

Do you want to know the secret for selecting the best dog food for your dog? Keep reading to discover what it is and why you should be concerned about what your dog is eating and how it can affect your dog’s health and behavior.

High-Fiber Foods - HelpGuide.org

This segment is for dog owners who want to feed the very best to their furry friends. Dogs with kidney, thyroid, food allergy, or other abnormal conditions require special dietary needs not covered in this segment.

So what is the best dog food?

Dog food that is meat based rather than grain based. That is the secret to your dog’s optimum health. Low quality dog foods will almost always be grain based and the healthier, higher quality dog foods will be meat, poultry or fish. You’ll pay more for meat based dog foods, but the higher the price, the higher the quality; the higher the quality of the ingredients, the greater the nutritional value Hải sản tươi sống.

Dogs have to eat more low quality dog food in an attempt to meet their nutritional needs. Again, you may pay more for higher quality but you will buy less because your dog will eat less. So, keep that in mind when looking at the price of higher quality dog foods. Your dog will also pass noticeably less stool when fed a high quality meat based diet.

This is my number one secret for selecting the best dog food. Keep reading, because now I’m going to tell you why, so by the end of this segment you will have acquired enough knowledge on the topic to better understand and come to your own conclusions.

So, why is a high quality meat based diet so important?

For dogs, meat is the appropriate source of protein and fat is the appropriate source of energy. High quality meat contains all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients needed for dogs to live a long and healthy life. Yet, carbohydrates have become the dominant nutrient found in most dog foods. Why is this? Because they are abundant, have a long shelf life, and are cheaper than protein and fat. What does this mean? Less expensive dog foods generally include less meat and more animal by-products and grain fillers. Is this good? Keep reading to find out.

Contrary to belief, carbohydrates are not essential for a healthy dog diet. Nor is fiber a required nutrient for dogs. Dogs do not need corn, wheat, barley, oats, brown rice, millet, potatoes, or sweet potatoes. Carbohydrates and fiber are poor substitutes for meat protein and fat. Dogs are carnivores; meat eaters. The best digestible protein sources for a dog are meat, eggs, poultry, and fish; and are far better choices for meat eaters.

Carbohydrates from grains, on the other hand, provide energy in the form of sugars. So keep your dog away from grains as much as humanly possible; unless your dog has medical issues that require a lower protein diet. It is always a good idea to consult with your vet about your dog’s dietary needs and to get a clean bill of health.

High protein on a dog food label means absolutely nothing. You have to read the list of ingredients to see if the source of protein is digestible. Dogs are not able to digest plant-based proteins or grains as efficiently as meat and do not derive as much nutrition from them as they need. Meat, on the other hand, is not only high in protein but it is relatively easy for dogs to digest. Therefore, dog food with higher meat protein content is usually better. If the first ingredient on the label is not a meat protein, you should seriously consider switching to a brand with higher meat content. Grains are not as digestible as meats.

Protein content should be at least 30 percent from a high quality meat source. For example; beef, venison, lamb, or chicken. Avoid any product with non-specific descriptions like animal, meat, or poultry; and avoid any rendered by-products or meal.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of dog owners cannot afford to feed their dogs a meat based diet so dog food producers created an affordable solution for the masses by offering a grain based diet. Though not as nutritionally healthy as meat, a grain based diet is not necessarily a bad thing if high quality ingredients are used.

But this is not always the case. Cheap plant based ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy result in cheap dog foods. These dog foods do not produce healthy coats and solid stools in a majority of dogs and, if anything, shortens a dogs’ life expectancy because they are unhealthy and are simply not good choices.

Dog food producers know very well how to make high quality, healthy dog food as evidenced by the expensive 5 star brands, but the problem is, it is just too expensive for most dog owners. And to be competitive with other producers, the price of the food dictates what the foundation or the primary ingredient is; and it is not meat.

In a nutshell, most dog owners are feeding their dogs as if they were plant eating herbivores rather than meat eating carnivores. But it is not your fault that producers are not disclosing the truth about the nutritional value of their dog foods, but instead doing everything in their power to convince you they are nutritionally complete and the best food for your dog.

Another Important Factor – Essential Nutrients

Dogs require a balance of certain fatty acids that must be provided by their diet. Fats are needed for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K. Fats provide energy as well as taste and flavor to foods. Fat provided by the diet also helps dogs maintain healthy skin and a shiny, healthy coat. Common fats used in dog foods include names like beef fat, pork fat, chicken fat, fish oil, salmon oil, and more. Anything listed as animal fat is very vague and not considered a quality ingredient. Fat content should be at least 18 percent.

So, what if you cannot afford a high quality meat based diet for your dog?

Then, of the dog foods available in your budget, choose the best one. And to supplement your dog’s diet, offer your dog bone free table scraps that contain healthy, digestible protein and fat content. Better your dog benefit from the nutrients and variety rather than disposing of them. Please be aware that several common seasonings, including onions, garlic, chives, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, and avocado can create problems for your dog and should be removed from the table scraps.