I Failed Spanish in High School Over 50 Years Ago – Now I Have This Hunger to Learn the Language

I used to hate English classes in high school. I found that learning the meanings of things like prepositions and adjectives a total bore. I hated school in general and adding a Spanish language class to the mix made it just that more unbearable. I squeaked through the four years of schooling and punished myself even further by getting failing grades that required I repeat certain classes in summer school. Those classes always consisted of a language course.

I had no close Spanish friends at the time, and any Spanish people I did know spoke fluent English. I had no visions of ever traveling to a Spanish country, so what was the point of learning a foreign language? Throughout the following fifty years, I made lots of Spanish friends, made Spanish business contacts and ran into Spanish speaking people all the time. I had a half dozen Spanish buddies in my Marine barracks on Okinawa. There were five Mexicans and one Puerto Rican and each one was born somewhere on mainland, USA, but each spoke Spanish as a second language. I have Spanish friends who hail from Guatemala, I have been sponsoring two children in Guatemala every month for almost 20 years, I have a client from Peru, and so many service people, messengers, waiters, waitresses, and congregants I seem to come in contact with are native to a Spanish-speaking country. I even got into an automobile accident last year with, you guessed it, two guys from El Salvador. Then one day I read in the newspaper that Latinos are reported to be the largest minority population in this country.

When I re-roofed my house two summers ago through Home Depot, the entire crew was Spanish-speaking; only the crew chief was American born. The entire Empire crew who came to  Language of desire carpet my home last summer was Spanish-speaking, including the crew head, who spoke just enough English to get by. I was scarcely able to communicate my concerns and realized that whatever little bit of English they could speak was a far greater command of my language than I had of theirs.

The other day, I went to the service station to pick up my wife’s car and spoke to the Spanish-speaking attendant there about my desire to learn his language. He told me that he and a few of his friends, born and raised in Puerto Rico, have been in New York State for over twenty five years and still cannot truly speak English. He sure fooled me. At that precise moment in time, that split second, I had the epiphany. If I could speak Spanish as well as he spoke English, it would be right where I want to be.

That finally inspired me enough to take immediate action. I have a large vocabulary from my high school classes imbedded in my brain just waiting to be conjugated, I read signs and packaging all the time in a quest to learn new words and I have a real desire to have any kind of a prolonged conversation with people from the Spanish community in their native language. I don’t care if it’s broken Spanish, at least it’s Spanish and at least it’s a real conversation. I read recently that the brain is a remarkably plastic entity, quite capable of learning a second language at any age through a combination of listening and vocalization, and I intend to pursue it in that fashion.

In three months, my first Spanish language class at a local college begins, and I cannot wait. Maybe, if things go well, I’ll be able to write some columns in Spanish. Until then, I’ll just have to be content pretending to know Spanish by saying things like “tengo hambre” to my Spanish waitress in the diner or “Dos Equis” when I order my beer in the Mexican restaurant. Someday though, someone’s going to respond in Spanish and try to call my bluff. However, if I get serious about my Spanish studies pronto, maybe by that time my first real conversation with a real Spanish-speaking person will show them that I know what I’m talking about. Usted entiende?


Secrets to a Successful Flat Belly Diet Now!

Get That Flat Stomach Without Going Through That Strict Flat Belly Diet

For those who are dealing with issues of losing weight by taking off those extra fats in your tummy, then this program is for you.
Compared to the many fat loss programs that have emerged and saturated the market like mushrooms, this one addresses the unnecessary fats in your belly, not through a strict flat belly diet regimen.

It introduces a tummy trimming regimen that would introduce you to a short and burst exercise system that you can do even in your own home. What is good about it is that it will Okinawa Flat belly tonic not make you starve that it would make you be conscious of counting your every calorie intake, just like what the rest of the fat loss plans do to others.
This is because with the training program, its author believes that you still have all the right to eat all the delicious foods you like while deciding to lose those extra fats.

The system will not let you grow thin by religiously following a very strict flat belly diet now. Instead, it would just require a great sense of dedication to you to commit to three 45-minute workouts every week. This exercise system that they suggest would allow you to have boosted metabolism if you are a woman and help you gain muscles through the process of losing fats if you are a guy.

With this program, you can be sure to finally free yourself of all those stubborn tummy fat and even achieve that sexy tummy look you have just once dreamed of having.


Avoid Stacked Caffeine Weight Loss Supplements – Seek a Safe Product That Burns Fat

Are you now familiar with the news regarding the recent Hydroxycut supplement recall? In light of choosing a safe-product-that-burns-fat, here is an additional caffeine-weight-loss-supplements fact you can consider.

Essentially, there are other highly acclaimed and well performing dietary nutritional supplements on the market which are totally without, absolutely ANY of the suspected harmful ingredients contained in Hydroxycut. The “usual suspect” is EPHEDRA or ephedrine, which is also one of the main Hydroxycut ingredients.

The second primary ingredient that remains subject to investigation in the Hydroxycut supplement recall is CAFFEINE. A series of other nutrients follow these two, and many nutritional supplements in the current consumer market make use of these. Their main purpose is normally to speedup the action of the heart and metabolism to cause you to utilize and expend more energy.

Other than a safe-product-that-burns-fat, some caffeine-weight-loss-supplements which are unmarked as “caffeine containing” in such a way, still contain large doses of it. Guarana (another Hydroxycut ingredient), is one example. Even green tea, as Biofit helpful as it may be, is yet another source of caffeine, and green tea also commonly appears in Hydroxycut products.

The thing to especially watch out for when seeking a safe products that burn fat, is using a dietary nutritional supplement that COMBINES the many different sources of caffeine into one, single product. There again, Hydroxycut (except for the non caffeinated version) serves as an example of a “stacked” supplement.

Right now you may be wondering, while considering a safe-product-that-burns-fat, “Well, what can possibly be wrong with coffee, or caffeine-weight-loss-supplements overall?” The list of answers is a lengthy one. Yet, briefly, do you know that coffee can increase your desire to eat? Caffeine ingredients, even those in decaffeinated coffee, are prone to increase stress levels by elevating the cortisol hormones. The most common result is increased heart rate, plus elevation of blood pressure, wherein your body basically begins to operate in a “fight or flight” mode of constant excitation.

This type of high level internal body activity craves food for its maintenance, with simple carbohydrates and sugars being the favored choice of immediate satisfaction. And, the way caffeine works is by artificially simulating natural brain chemical endorphins, like Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), for example.

Considering the above, intentionally seeking a safe-product-that-burns-fat becomes increasingly important. Additionally with the use of stacked caffeine-weight-loss-supplements, when stress is present the human body becomes more easily able to store fat because of elevated cortisol levels. Plus, the most convenient area of the body in which fat can remain for long periods of time is your abdominal midsection or stomach.

Thus, you may be one who tends to possess the appearance of a large belly. This is most highly common with individuals who remain at risk due to overweight lifestyle choices – the actual foods we eat represent a choice that we are making.

Another widely unknown dietary nutritional supplement fact is that foods and drinks like coffee can easily increase your insulin resistance. Even when seeking a safe-product-that-burns-fat, this particular “caffeine-weight-loss-supplements” topic is one that most weight loss candidates tend to get backwards.

Insulin is a hormone that basically chases sugars OUT of your blood stream. So, being RESISTANT to insulin represents a bad thing. When your insulin is resistant to its counterattack components (and sugar is the main one), then such excess glucose products eventually become fatty tissue. Insulin can help prevent such transformation by initially getting rid of as much excess sugar as possible.

Yet, it is a fact that caffeine can interfere with this entire process. And, the ultimately worse condition that this all leads to is diabetes, usually of the Type II variety.

Again, try to avoid stacked caffeine-weight-loss-supplements because they unknowingly block your ability to lose body fat, which is your main goal. From this point forward, seek a safe-product-that-burns-fat in its stead.


Residency Checks to Avoid Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Residency checks are a great way to avoid fraudulent insurance claims. These checks are performed to make sure the person taking out insurance and filing claims actually live in the area they say they do. It’s not uncommon for someone to claim to live in one area to receive cheaper rates on auto insurance or to benefit themselves in some way while taking advantage of others.

Ki Residences showflat location -

In some cases, a person who is filing a false disability claim may give a fake address to prevent anyone from checking up on them and proving they’re not actually hurt. They don’t want anyway taking pictures of them performing some task they’re suppose to be too injured to do such as, moving furniture or even driving a car Ki Residences.

If someone is committing fraudulent claims with your company due to providing false information about their residency, it can deplete your company’s resources. Not only does this affect your business but it can affect the rest of your clients as well. For example, you may have to raise rates to compensate for your losses when you’re paying out money to someone that doesn’t deserve it. Both your company and clients suffer when this happens.

Residency Checks Can Make a Difference

A residency check is a fast and simple way to ensure that your company is not paying out fraudulent insurance claims. This is very important because when someone commits this type of fraud it drains the resources for that area and the local population suffers. They’re taken advantage of the system and the taxpayer is the one that pays in the end.

Residency checks can make a difference and save your company money by decreasing the number of fraudulent insurance claims that are being filed. Insurance companies can cut cost on their overall expenses and save everyone money in the long run. They do make a difference.

Help Stop Fraudulent Insurance Claims

You can help to put a stop to fraudulent insurance claims and help keep the taxpayers in your area from having to support non-residents by conducting residency checks. There are two types of residency checks available and they are called the surveillance-based and the electronic based checks.

The electronic residency checks will search the public records to determine if someone is a resident of a certain area or not. Public records can include checking a person’s utility bills to learn what address the person is using on these bills. The surveillance checks involves secret surveillance that will determine if the person physically resides where they claim to live. This is often used for checking for disability claims.

If you suspect one of your clients of committing this type of fraud, you can settle the matter very easily with a one of these checks. Once you determine their residency, you’ll be able to determine if the claim is legitimate or not. Residency checks to avoid fraudulent insurance claims is one of the easiest and fastest ways to protect your business from claims that can eat up your resources and put a strain on your company.


Internet Can Cure the Math Phobia

Mathematics is one of the most dreaded subjects for school children. For many school kids, mathematical sums are always complicated and getting the A grade in a math exam a distant dream. However, with the Internet finding solutions for all problems, tackling math through some free homework help has now become easy.

Cours particuliers Classe préparation (Mathématique, physique-chimie) -  Casablanca - Cours particulier

These days, online homework help is readily available on the net and experts are willing to help kids do their math homework online. These online services are intended to make math fun for kids, especially those who find math confusing. Thousands of websites managed by educational institutions have become popular among students and the number of school/college students taking some online help for homework is increasing at a steady pace cours particuliers maths.

The math online courses are designed specifically to be interactive and user friendly. Through online demos and interactive exercises, students are aided to solve even the most complex of mathematical problems.

The biggest advantage of learning math on the Internet is that unlike the traditional modes of learning, the Internet simplifies all concepts by involving the student in the learning process. Through appealing visual effects, students are taught mathematical concepts in an interactive mode. For school students, in particular, these math online help programmes are found to be the most effective.

Psychologists opine that most students fail in mathematics because of their fear of the subject. Experts therefore emphasise on adopting measures that can alleviate anxiety from the minds of learners. Largely due to this, the free help homework courses are recommended by experts.

Furthermore, these online courses are designed to cater to the diverse requirements of individual students. As a result, the online homework help math programmes allow learners to learn at his/her own pace and convenience. Students therefore learn to solve the sums in a step by step manner.

Most online courses come in multiple levels. In the beginner’s level, students are given detailed instructions to solve sums. In the next level, students use examples to solve some basic sums. In the advanced level, students are asked to solve the sums on their own. Each level, therefore prepares the learner to solve mathematical problems on his own.

In many online math courses, an online math tutor stays online when the student learns to solve mathematical problems. The student may chat with the online tutor and discuss areas where he usually gets stuck. The tutor then explains the concept in detail and helps the student accordingly. This helps the student in clearing all his math related confusions.

There are also some interactive math games that have been developed to enhance mathematics skills in kids. These games are both interesting and informative as the student learns and plays at the same time. Hence, practising math on a daily basis makes the student adept with all the mathematical concepts.

Math online help programme is an emerging concept in learning math and schools and educational institutions are now laying thrust on it. Students are also finding free help homework, a useful tool to understand basic and advanced concepts. Hence, college tutoring is seen transforming the conventional education system.