iPhone 5: A Lesson on Keeping Your App Up to Date

With the introduction of the latest iPhone many businesses have failed to update their applications to utilize the latest software and hardware that make up these phones. With changes such as the increased screen size, the introduction of apples own maps feature, and the upgrade in the processing speed of the new phone, changes will be necessary in order to keep your app up to date 相親香港.

The increased screen size of the new iPhone first of all means that in order for your app to look as visually appealing as before, you will need to have your developer make some changes. They should have notified you the screen size has changed and either asked your permission to make necessary changes, or if you have an upgrade plan with them, gone ahead and made the changes themselves. This will allow you to make better use of the space on the screen and perhaps include new features or content that before made your app look a bit crowded. It will also mean you can increase the size of the images within your app to reveal greater detail to your customers than before. This is definitely an upgrade you should consider as your customers will appreciate the upgrade and will reward you by visiting more often 相睇活動.

The introduction of Apple’s own maps feature, while initially not well received by the critics, does have important implications for your business app. Since the new iPhone and any older iPhone upgraded to ios6 no longer has Google maps as a standard application, your location systems will no longer function as they did. Instead your old map integration will have to include apples own maps app in order to function on the new operating system. This is a crucial update as you want people to be able to find out where your store is located speed dating.

The faster operating speeds are good news. This will allow your application to include larger files and still run at good speeds. This means clearer images and more video integration among a myriad of things will be possible in your applications without reduced functionality. This is great news for your business because any way you can increase the interactivity or usability is good news. This will improve the experience your potential customers have while using your application, this means better relationships and more sales

So if you haven’t already done so get in touch with the team who developed your app, and have a discussion about how you can utilize these upgrades to improve the functionality. It will be worth the investment both from your point of view and more importantly from the end users point of view.