Global Wireless Revolution Has Arrived – Inside Your Smart Phone

Personally, I can tell you what I am calling it – it’s a “Global Wireless Smart Revolution” – that’s right a Smart Revolution, as in artificial intelligence smart, in your smart cell phone. It’s not just happening here in the US, it’s happening in the EU, and Asia too. The other day I went into a Sprint “indirect dealer” and like you I was overwhelmed at all those new smart phones and options. I picked up a brochure which stated; “Join the Wireless Revolution” and I was amused, so I smiled, and the sales guy did too.

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Anyway, I was just looking around and decided to go online to get my best deal for a smart phone and a great calling plan, as I wanted to check things out side-by-side. Sprint calling plans are indeed comparable to Verizon, AT&T, Alltel, Virgin USA, and other carriers. Just for kicks I also went to look at all the reviews, and brands of phones I could buy. The reality is that this wireless revolution spans our planet, it’s happening not only in the USA, but in cities, states, provinces, and nations around the world redmi note 8.

Now then, after looking at the brilliance of Sprint’s marketing plan and strategy in the smart phone space, it seems there is a lot more intelligence to this industry than one might think. In fact, one could ask how smart is your smart phone? The reality is that in the near future it might actually be smarter than you are. The artificial intelligence running these little personal tech wonders is indeed astounding. But, I’d like to remind you, that just because that is so, it is no reason not to use your brain when choosing the right cell phone plan or calling plan.

Of course, many Wall Street Analysts liken it more to a war than anything else – that’s right a war, not necessarily a revolution, and it’s being played out on many continents. Here are home the battle lines are being drawn and re-drawn in every state, and 4G wireless will soon pass 3G wireless technology offering consumers and smart phone users features and options they may have never even dreamed of.

Nevertheless, if you can dream it, you can bet that handset makers will provide that personal tech, while cell phone carriers will surely oblige in order to ratchet up their subscriber base. So, for that reason, maybe this global wireless revolution should be called a war of sorts? Please consider all this.