Flat Tummy Exercises – Do They Work?

With so many different opinions on the internet teaching you how to get a toned stomach, which flat tummy exercises actually work and which ones would be better off served left in the cyberspace where they came from? The truth is that in order to achieve a chiselled midsection, it is better incorporate a total body workout plan into your daily routine.

Some exercises such as plank holds, pelvic thrusts and bench swings are great for your core and produce great toning results, but the truth is – in order to get a flat stomach, you must Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews first shed the layer of fat that sits over top of your abdominal muscles. The best way to do that is by interval training and weight training using compound movements, not by performing flat tummy exercises.

What exactly is interval training? It’s a great way to burn high amounts of calories during the day – even when you’re not working out! Interval training is performing high intensity cardio exercise for short bursts of time followed up by an active rest period and then repeating numerous times. This gets your metabolism firing and you start to burn way more calories than if you were just to do normal cardio. In burning more calories, you will be closer to exposing the fat over your abs.

What is weight training with compound movements? Compound exercises involve the use of more than one muscle group to complete that exercise. Instead of performing flat tummy exercises such as crunches, instead do some hanging leg or knee raises from a chin-up bar. These types of exercises involve multiple muscle groups and once again get your metabolic rate up and burn those unwanted calories.

These are just a couple of things that you can do to get a flat stomach. Of course nothing is better than following a program that teaches you to do everything step by step – from nutritional strategies, to exercise plans, to a support group that is filled with professionals just waiting to help you succeed. If you are ready to make a change for yourself and want the opportunity to achieve the flat stomach that you have been longing for, then take a look at what Motivate Fitness has to offer you. It is the most well-rounded, comprehensive fat loss program on the internet and it has helped thousands just like you.