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How to Get the Best Deals on Used RV for Sale

Getting the fair market value of RVs and campers for sale is very difficult if you don’t know how to find your way around. Dealers have unspoken understanding about the matter. They usually market their campers for sale in almost the same prices, or give-out public price quotations of their different classes of motorhomes that is in a way acceptable in the dealerships community. The best way to get the desired information to start your negotiation perhaps is to get them from the inside. But not of us knows somebody working inside (dealer and manufacturer employees), and those we know were binded by contracts not to give confidential information on pain of losing their jobs. So let us take it easy on those guys.

There are several ways to get the fair market value (FMJ) of brand new RVs for sale to avoid being ripped-off big time by the dealers. One of which is mention above and others include getting information from RV and camper forums polluting the internet valutazione camper usati. You can join several of these forums and start asking about prices they paid for a particular brand new RV for sale. If you are lucky to get feedbacks, expect the price variations to be widely set apart. And understandably so, these guys bought them from different dealers on different occasions and on different states. For example you have been given an initial offer of $80000 by the dealers, and you got price variations of $75000, $70000 or $65000 from forums and other sources for instance. Take the lowest price given and start your ballpark estimate of the actual prices of campers for sale from there.

Brand new RV and campers ballpark estimates

Unknown to many, dealers usually offer their brand new RVs for sale with the intentions of getting 30% income from the actual price that they paid for the products and not less that 15% if possible, knowing this, take the lowest available price at $65000 and multiply them using the inverse method that look like this; $65000 x 85 = $55250 will be the estimated actual price. Next you need to look around the internet if these calculations are possible. Browse for different dealers selling the particular campers for sale that you have in mind. You may find surprising offers that will validate your calculations or you can just start flat out by slowly climbing up from your estimate to negotiate for the price. Don’t be afraid to make the least offer, because aside from the income from actual prices that the dealers offer, they are really getting more from manufacture discounts offered exclusively to dealers plus incentives from sales. So go on, try it out.

Used campers and RVs for sale

There are more than enough resources to get the FMJ of used RVs for sale available on the market, you have the NADA guidelines which every body uses to get the idea of how much a unit should actually cost. Unfortunately these guidelines are really just that-guidelines. So don’t make a mistake of putting too much emphasis on them, you can have the FMJ from other sources as well. Like I mentioned before, the RV and campers forums are one of the most effective resources for these. You also need to shop around the internet, it is a simple process and the information will be waiting for you.

Aside from these, you can also take your own estimate to get the FMV of used campers for sale. This is a bit trickier though, because apart from the varying purchase prices, you also need to put other costs incurred by the owner during the course of the RV or camper’s life, into considerations. But regardless of the fact, the 2nd owner campers for sale depreciate the moment they were taken of the dealerships, and depreciate further on their first trip. The standard depreciation schedule of RVs and Campers for sale on its first year is 18% of the actual price. Bordering around the ballpark estimate you have for the brand new RV for sale units, you should arrived at the right price. The RV depreciates further by 10% the following year, 7% on the third year, 6% by the 4th and 5th year. By the time the used RVs for sale reached its sixth years on the road, their FMV should be half of its original purchase. Add up the innovations and improvements put-in by the seller and depreciate those too.