Different Types of Beach Chairs And How To Choose Them

Whenever summer comes around, the first thought that comes to mind is heading out to the beach for some fun in the sun. This could mean going for a swim, having a group of friends to play and frolic in the water and the sand, going on picnics by the sea or just simply lazing under the sun. However, it’s not fun when the sand is hot or when you don’t want to get sand in your clothes. Beach chairs are ideal for those times when you just want to sit around on the beach without getting dirty or when you don’t want to shake out sand from clothes kitchen cabinets melbourne.

Beach chairs can be big or small, light or heavy, portable, foldable and many more. So how does one choose the best type of chairs? What are the criteria for choosing a chair that you need?

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Based on Materials Used:

It can be made of lightweight materials such as plastic, a combination of light metals and other materials and wood. If you wish to have sturdy chairs, wooden chairs would be best but keep in mind that these are heavier and would need to be maintained. Plastic chairs on the other hand are light and easier to clean but tend to scratch and break over time. Metal or a combination of metal and other materials such as canvas or cloth are more portable but tend to bend and may even rust. Additionally, there are chairs that have cushions for more comfortable seating.

Based on Style:

Styles would include camping, backpack, low and high seat chairs, folding, and chaise lounge chairs. Some of these types can double as camping chairs while others can be carried in backpacks. Others may have higher seats to keep one farther away from the sand while some have lower seats so that one is just over the sand. You can have one that are for sitting only or you can opt for a chair where you can lie down and stretch out. Some have adjustable backs that can be raised or lowered depending on one’s preference.

Prices will differ and range from the affordable to the more expensive ones. Some beach chairs may also work as dining chairs while others have functions or features like cup holders, canopies. Still others could work as loungers where one can fully lie down and just sunbathe and enjoy the sun.