How to Build Credibility So That You Attract New Clients

Credibility is key for attracting new clients. Potential clients want to know you have the experience and knowledge that they are searching for. Remember, prospective clients are always looking for answers to their problems. By building your credibility, they build trust in you and your services and are more apt to buy.

The best way to build credibility and become a niche authority is to write. Here are some ways to get your knowledge out there: 1) articles; 2) short reports; 3) eBooks and 4) self-published books.


The best articles solve a problem in 400 – 600 words. They can consist of strategies, tips and/or techniques that would help solve a problem in your niche.

The Bio box helps you become a niche authority by helping you to build an email list that you can share content with over and over again. The bio box directs the reader of your article to your website. Use a specific call to action to get readers to your website. Don’t spend a lot of time talking about yourself in the bio box – your readers are trying to solve a problem and want to know if you can help them.

Short Reports

A short report can be 4 – 8 pages long and can consist of several article that you have written. You can take several articles and put them together in a short report and send it free out to your list. You can also use a short report as a free gift for subscribing to your list.


An eBook can be 8 – 100 pages. Usually you are addressing several problems that your typical reader has and offering solutions to those problems. Including a table of contents helps your readers pinpoint the areas they are interested in. Make a nice cover and add a biography about you as well as links to some of your articles and short reports. An eBook takes more work, but your subscribers will be glad to either get it for free or pay for an eBook that is solution-oriented.

Self-published Books

A sure way to become a niche authority is to write a book. This can be a few as 64 pages and be more of a credibility ufabet มือถือ builder or can be longer and address many problems of your niche audience. With self-publishers like Lightening Source and CreateSpace, it is easier and less expensive than ever before to have a beautiful paperback book that you can give away free to potential clients (like a big business card) or sell on your website or on Amazon.

All of these credibility factors can help you attract clients by letting you be perceived as an expert in your niche. Work on them one at a time and, before you know it, you’ll have all four of these credibility builders in place.

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