How to Care For Silk Bed Sheets

How would you feel if your the most expensive silk bed sheet gets ruined just because of little negligence on care. For sure you will feel very very bad. So to avoid such situation it is better to care for silk bed sheets or any other home furnishing product made from silk.

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Never Use Strong Detergent
Silk is a natural fabric that has the natural shine, softness and strength. If you use strong detergent or soap then it will break its fibers leading to the roughness and also shrinkage. So the bed sheet manufactures always recommend to use very mild or soft detergent. Charlie’s Liquid Laundry soap is quiet extensively used and it is also a biodegradable soap Mulberry Silk Bedding.

Better to Wash Silk Bed Sheets with Hand
Hand wash is always safer and better than the machine wash. Add this in the list of care for silk bed sheet. If you have less time then make sure do at least first few washing (say 5) by hand. Even if you are using machine then do the machine wash on delicate settings and never use hot water. Water at room temperature is perfect. 30 degree Centigrade (86 degrees Fahrenheit) is the exact as per the experts. This water is barely lukewarm. Also never use extra spin cycle in washing machine for drying. If possible then go for the natural dry on clothesline away from direct sunlight.

Never Use Bleach
Bleach is harmful to the silk fabric. So better not to use it. Even the color safe bleach should not be used even to remove any kind of stain. You can go for the light fabric softener.