Why Recommend an Executive Airport Transfer to Your Boss

As a personal assistant you are responsible for handling all your bosses travel arrangements. This means booking his or her hotel, arranging flights and you may want to recommend they use an executive airport transfer service to get them to their flight on time and without stress.

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While many bosses plan business trips on a regular basis, they will often drive themselves to the airport, there are so many disadvantages associated with this solution, while using a reputable and reliable car and driver service can offer added advantages they may not have realised before.

The first reason to recommend to your boss that he or she should consider an executive airport transfer service is that it reduces stress خدمات المطار. Getting to any of the airports can be an exceptionally stressful experience for anyone, it can leave you sitting in long queues, struggling to find parking and maybe even missing your flight. Using a car and driver reduces this stress considerably, the driver has up to date traffic reports and flight information to get your boss to the airport with time to spare.

The next reason is that it portrays a good professional image when a business person arrives at the airport with their own designated driver. If they are meeting clients at the airport, it can make a great first impression and something that should be taken into consideration.

Another benefit is that rather than driving and struggling through traffic, your boss will be able to continue working while they travel. Most vehicles offer ample space to pull out a laptop or answer emails on a smart phone, this means they don’t lose precious hours sitting in traffic unable to get some work completed.

As mentioned, the executive airport transfer companies provide a vehicle and driver, so your boss isn’t’ sharing the vehicle with a bunch of strangers. In addition to this, because the company stays up to date with flight information and traffic updates, they reduce the risk of your boss being late for their flight. Which is always a great advantage, as there is no guarantee that they will be able to catch the next flight, which is not ideal when traveling for an important business meeting.

An executive airport service also offers the convenience of a door to door service. This means they will pick your boss up from the office or their home and drop them at their terminal, reducing the risk of them having to walk to their terminal from the car park, which is often a fair distance or waiting for the airport taxi to take them to the terminal they need to get to.

Of course many don’t realise but when you drive yourself to the airport, you need to keep your car in the car park for the duration that you are away. This doesn’t only increase risk for your vehicle, but can also be an expensive exercise. By using an executive airport transfer service your boss doesn’t have to worry about parking and may find the service is cheaper than the risk of parking at the airport for a few days or weeks.

The great news for you is that it is easy to book an executive airport transfer. You can go through the companies providing this service, check with your boss how much you can spend and the type of vehicle they want to travel in and then do the booking online.

It is recommended to phone the executive airport transfer company a day or two before the travel date to ensure the booking is still in place.