A For Green – Natural Beauty Ingredients

A succulent plant which contains amino acids, minerals and natural antibiotics, is used for first aid, wounds, infections, irritations and some medical conditions. The gel-like substance inside the leaves is known to have excellent inflammatory properties. Good for eczema and soothing sunburned skin. Even Cleopatra used it in her beauty treatments to rejuvenate her skin. Relatively easy to grow in a tropical climate, it is ideal for growing at home (near the window) and used in your own beauty preparations. 분당스웨디시


Belonging to the peach family, apricot is a fleshy orange fruit with velvety skin. Rich in oil and has anti-carcinogenic properties, apricot kernel oil is extracted and used in skin care products. Commonly used as massage oil, it is well known for its ability to penetrate the skin and its softening properties. Rich in essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acids, apricot oil helps the skin to retain its elasticity and suppleness. Crushed apricot kernel is found in products like facial masks and body scrubs.


Almond has a high content of fat as well as a rich source of essential minerals like magnesium and calcium. Prized for its high content of fatty acids that appear to be close to our skin sebum, it has great emollient properties and therefore are used in many beauty and hair care products. Almond oil is used in massage therapy and as essential oil in aromatherapy. Its benefits include nourishing the skin, soothing skin irritation and improving complexion.


You heard the old adage: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. True, as Apple contains high mineral contents, iron, potassium and vitamin C that can fight against anaemia, heart disease, stroke and lower blood cholesterol. Due to its nutritious value, even doctors recommend apple as an early baby food. Apple extract are commonly used in facial peels and masks because of its powerful antioxidant activity.


They have a good source of vitamin K, potassium and has a high fat content of about 70 -90% of their total calories (many times more than the average of any other fruits), but these are mono-saturated fats which is good for health.

It is a highly effective emollient used in many beauty products because of its deep penetrating oil, which according to studies is known to increase the amount of collagen in our skin. The presence of sterolins or plant steroids found in avocado is known to reduce age spots and treat damaged skin. Besides, the pulp of the fruit is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Avocado paste is sometimes applied on sunburned skin or rashes to sooth the skin.